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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

I’m back home from school, and I have wonderful opportunities to rock the permaculture and spend some quality time in the pool.

I’ve been taking advantage of a microclimate, right beneath a ledge on the south-facing edge of one of the fields at camp.  I’m building the soil, Hugelkultur style, with rotted wood, shavings, and horse manure.  On top will go some sort of nitrogen-source (likely in the spring), topsoil, and while it’ll be SUPER acidic, the soil should be good for blueberries.  Stone wall in front of it.  No need for lifting with all of this work.

Swimming a lot!  Shooting, shooting, and running as well.  We’ll see about the fencing.

Christmas was wonderful; got to see everyone.  Water bottles and slippers off of the Clymb for family.  Built a cold-frame for my Mum.

Sometimes the simplest presents are the greatest…  I’m now the (very content) owner of a Carhartt vest, new work gloves and new wool socks, more seeds, a dehydrator, a book on wildlife/woodland gardens, a pair of new clippers, and a marine raincoat.  My family knows me well.

Building a chicken coop/tractor as well, slowly but surely.

Went for a run just before it got dark.  Found a trailhead right across the road from the camp driveway.  Beautiful trails.  The poison-ivy covered stone wall always deterred me in the summer from venturing that way.  New places to explore!

Tonight, the moon is bright as can be.  I’m going to go work on my stone wall for a while before retiring to my current book, “The four season harvest.”  It’s talking about how to grow your own food, year-round, with the seasons, without a heated greenhouse.  I’ve dabbled in such things, but I’ve always come back to the heated greenhouse.

I love stone walls.  More to come.