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Friday, February 10, 2012

OTC to Chilean Patagonia

Got back from the OTC on the 26th, packed, got some new contacts etc., and headed up to Vermont to see all of the people I love, after going to my Dad’s house to see him, Nancy, and Sam. Went skiing at Mad River Glen for the first time on Saturday and Sunday. I hadn’t skied since freshman year due to knee surgery and Spain, but it went well. Super icy, but it was fun. 180cm skis + tele turns + icy bumps isn’t easy…I literally have to do jump lunges down the mountain for anything to work out. Saturday night got to see Jill, which was great. Had breakfast Sunday morning with Kaleigh, Gretchen, Em, and Dominique, which was great. I made eggpeppercheese dishes, and Emily made pumpkin pancakes. Went to Slade dinner Sunday night…so bomb. I love Slade food.

Left Littleton on the afternoon of July 30th. Said goodbye to Grammy, Mom and Matt. Overnight flight to Buenos Aires. Sat next to a gorgeous girl named Lucila from San Isidro. She had a boyfriend from Switzerland, of course. We talked about buying iPhones, Pentathlon (it somehow always comes up), windsurfing in Buenos Aires etc. Dropped my stuff off at my apartment, and headed back to the airport.

Flew from BsAs to Santiago, and missed my connection because customs couldn’t decide if my Pepperoni was cooked or not. Slept for a few hours in the terminal on my sleeping pad, and caught the next flight that left around 5. Got into Punta Arenas around 09:00 and caught a bus to Puerto Natales, which is the capital of the Chilean Province of Magallanes. Punta Arenas is on the Strait of Magellan. It’s 53 degrees south latitude. I’ve now been farther south than I have been north. The Gatineau river in Quebec is at 46 degrees north.

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