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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ethernet Cable: 8 Euros
8 oz. of Shampoo: 9 Euros
Contact Solution and Case: 20 Euros
I can't say being here is priceless, because tuition still exists, but it's pretty frigging sweet.

Went for a run this morning at 7 am...everyone thought I was nuts. What's new? There is a gym right downstairs in my College (house more or less). No freeweights's all Nautilus. Everyone I ask about the indoor pool has no idea...they all tell me that the pool outside is only open in the summer. According to a wonderful thing called Google, I can use an indoor pool that's 4 miles away as the crow flies. According to Google Earth, there are at least two 50m pools, and two 25m pools within half a mile of me. One short course is literally right outside my window. Apparently no one swims in the winter.

Today was more orientative stuff... At one point, a lady came to talk to us about travel. She said she was going to be brief, then talked for an hour.

Brought my ~70 kilograms worth of luggage out of the hotel, to a taxi, and into the residence hall at UCM. The fencing bag was killer. Sheets and blankets are provided, so I didn't really need those...the extra pillow for my knees is very nice though. I think I brought just the right amount of clothes. I actually have a ton of storage. Big closet. Oh, and I have a single with my own bathroom. It's dope. Laundry service too...not done by Shakira though. The name of the college I'm in is called Colegio Mayor San Agustín. It's super nice...all Spanish students. IES classes are literally downstairs.

We had lunch with the students today in the cafeteria, which is also in the College (house). It definitely beats the grundle (dining hall at UVM), and is decently healthy as far as American food goes. The Spanish students say that it's a lot more oily than normal, which I can see. Something I don't miss about the U.S. is High Fructose Corn Syrup and the pletora of fake crap they put in our food. So far, even if the food I've had here isn't GREAT, you can't feel your liver shutting down (ex: grundle eggs). I guess it's comparable to a Spanish Marché (another dining hall at UVM), without the Sodexo influence (thumbs up).

Took a language placement test. Pounded on it with my Sra. Bent grammar wasn't really that hard though. It did cover stuff that I've been learning since 8th grade though...Sra. Rodriguez-Digon knew what to teach us apparently. She was from I guess that makes sense.

I can't get ahead in any of my classes, so I'm just socializing and writing things like this. Dinner is between 9 and 10:30. Lunch was between 1 and 3. Priorities for the near future: find a second hand bike, and figure out how to use the indoor pool.

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