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Monday, January 3, 2011

Swim Practice 1/3/11

1000 WU/Drills
2x3x300 on 5:00
3x300K w/ fins on 6:00
2x4x50 Desc
150 CD

4250 Total

First actual good swim sets since the summer I guess (beyond warming up and doing 5x200, and getting out the pool). It felt strangely like a moderate run afterward... This is a good thing. Technique went to hell on the third and fifth 300s, but making 5:00 really isn't that all. I haven't been pushing myself lately, so things like these seem a lot harder than they actually are. In the end, I can do a lot more than I say I can, and if I believe what I'm doing is good for me (amount of work and type of work), I think I can find a balance between feeling like a lazy ass (ha sooo relative), and overtraining. Knee felt fine this morning, but after the workout it didn't feel to great. Nothing some food won't help though. Ran last night and fenced yesterday and it felt fine. The more work I do, the more the muscle comes back, and the closer I come to being the me I want to be, but the more I stress it, the harder it is to convince myself that I should in fact keep pushing it. Again the fine line between doing what is good for me, and doing to much of it. Pretty happy with it over all. I guess I'm moderately dehydrated, but I was 172.3 last week, and 164.9 this morning...wild isn't it?

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