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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Track Meet

So after my swim today, I went for a run, found the (really nice) track, and inside a building right next to it, there was an indoor track meet going on. It was just 60m (I think), and field events, but it really made me feel at home...track is the same is every country, and the emotions that you see on peoples faces make me want to train harder, and harder, and harder. Girls upset after false starts and fouls in LJ, and guys getting jacked up before their races with their's all close to home.

At one point, a woman and her two twin daughters were watching their husband/father run, and it was really cool to see them so happy when he did well in his race. This spring, I'm going to see if I can compete in a race or two, whether it be a road 5k, a 3k on the track, or an 800. It's been too long. I need this.

Tonight I'm going to grab dinner with Carlos, and then head to a discotheque with Laura and her friends. Supposedly you're supposed to wear socks with leather shoes (topsiders for myself), but I didn't bring dress socks. Hopefully people won't notice. Learning experience coming up? Yep.

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