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Monday, January 17, 2011

Spain Day Two

the shift key is right next to the carrot key on a spanish keyboard. It´s driving me nuts. I´ll get over it. This morning, I went for a run down Paseo del Prado. Still haven´t measured it... Lunch with the IES population was dec...met some cool new people. Took a walk with a group of IES kids, and a girl named Maide (sp) who happens to live in the dorm to which I´ve been assigned. She was legit. This evening, most of us got a Spanish phones, and had tapas for dinner (some dec calamari, and a ¨bocadillo de queso¨ which I thought was going to be more interesting than it was). We ate at the oldest restaurant in the world last night, el Sobrino de Botin, so my expectations might be rather high (smoked salmon and stewed partidge). After dinner, I walked around for an hour trying to fine a store that sells used bicycles that the guy at the phone shop told me about. Didn´t find it. I´ll look again tomorrow. One would think that with all of the running I do, I wouldn´t mind walking a large number of blocks. Nope. Bicycles > feet, on some occasions.

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