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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

C.M. San Agustin Nonviolent Protest

A few weeks ago, someone from outside Colegio Mayor San Agustin climbed in through a second story open window, and stole a laptop. As a result, the administration has decided to put cameras in the hallways next year. The residents are highly opposed to such an idea. In a recent discussion in the auditorium, the residents absolutely shut down the four administrators. The director was literally babbling and talking in circles about how in the end, he thinks it's a good idea to put cameras in the hallways even though every single resident is opposed to it.

To send a message to the direction, several times per week, no one eats in the dining hall. Each meal, the company that supplies the food to the college counts how many people eat in the dining hall, and if there is a recurring theme that no one is eating, they will apparently have a discussion with the direction. To be honest, I don't think this is at all productive, but I'm going along with it. For it to be productive, we'd have to not eat at least one meal every day, as opposed to skipping dinner three times per week. If anything, it's showing the unity of the residents toward a situation that violates their rights of privacy.

Anyway... This past sunday, we all pitched in 2 euros to buy food for everyone, and we ate lunch in the park across the street. Bocadillos (subs) with Jamon Serrano (raw spanish's awesome) and cheese, tortilla (thick potato omelettes), and sangria made in a big tub that I of course avoided made up lunch. I brought the deer sausage that I bought in Toledo, and it gone pretty quickly. Great stuff. After lunch, we all played soccer and rugby in the park. In the end, our nonviolent, noneffective protest was a great bonding experience for the college...UVM reslife would be super jealous.

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