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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thoughts while I'm here, involving comments on my generation in Spain:

I've decided that Spanish people don't have a lot of body heat. I'll be walking down the street in shorts and t-shirt, sweating, and everyone else will be wearing a winter coat. I mean...I'm also an abnormality in terms of temperature tolerance in the U.S., but still. I guess I also eat a lot, and move a lot, and thus release a great deal of heat, but the amount of clothing people wear is still astonishing.

Someone from outside C.M. San Agustin went through a second story open window and stole a laptop. In response, the administration has locked the door to the inside rooms, and is trying to put cameras in the hallways. Does this make sense? Not really? The residents have joined together to oppose the cameras being placed in the hallways. Last night, there was a House meeting about the situation, and the director was put to shame by the students. Even though I of course didn´t say anything because even though it´s a ridiculous violation of privacy and I´m not familiar with Spanish laws, I listened intently. After the director couldn´t give anyone a straight answer or good reason for the cameras, and just talked in circles about nothing, everyone got up and left. If the cameras are installed, the residents are going to stop eating in the cafeteria. I don´t know how productive that is, but it is something.

What I like is that the students aren´t just accepting this ridiculous bureaucratic decision, and are calling out the administration on something that needs to be addressed. Even though Spain is full of senseless procedures, kids my age GET IT. They understand that things don´t make sense here, and that there´s no reason for life not to make sense here. They ask "Why?" and "Why not?" Even though the Spanish Economy is suffering right now, partially as a result of Spanish Culture, things are changing for the better (see my "Spanish Culture" post for clarification on that, especially if that statement offended you). I´ve met a lot of great people here, and even though this statement is neither deep by any means, nor intended to be, the youth of Spain are the future.

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