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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Street Performing

So when I was about five years old, my mother bought me a pair of devil sticks at L.L. Bean. Over 15 more years of occasionally picking them up and having some fun, I´ve gotten pretty good. In Puerta del Sol, an open pedestrian area about 2 miles from where I live, there are a good amount of street performers. Whenever I saw them, I would always think about how I could make a few dollars with the stupid things I know how to do. I decided to give it a whirl. I found a juggling shop, and bought a pair of sticks for 30€. These sticks aren´t just any pair of devil can light the ends on fire with lighter fluid. So last saturday I went to the hardware store, bought some lighter fluid, and headed down to Sol. In 90 mins, I made 11€. The lighter fluid cost 7€, so I'm still at -26, but the sticks are a fixed cost, so I'm not too bummed. While I was juggling, and avoiding getting burned, up walks Carlos, and asks me what the hell I'm doing. To be honest, I didn't have a great answer, other than the fact that I was having a good amount of fun, and "making money" at the same time. I might give this another go on Church Street if I feel so inclined, but as of now, there are definitely much more important things in my life.

With the four euros, I went out to dinner at 100 Montaditos, which is a really great tapas bar. There, I met some English teachers from Indiana, and chatted it up with them for about an hour. Good times.

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