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Friday, March 4, 2011


Today, everyone from IES went to Toledo, which is a considerably old city just outside Madrid.

Pictures are worth between 861 and 1000 words, so I´ll let people check them out before I write a book. I didn´t take any (couldn´t find camera this morning), but I should be tagged in quite a few.

Even though I don´t love cathedrals and old paintings, the cathedral in Toledo was beyond impressive. It´s surrounded by other buildings, so you can´t really get a great picture of it, but:

Most of the city is World Heritage. It´s been around since the broze age. The streets are all tiny, because they were built long before cars existed. Toledo is particularly interesting because of the historical coexistence of Christians, Jews, and Muslims that that chilled there for quite a while.

I haven´t been buying too many things in Spain (just plain tickets, food, and fencing lessons), so I decided to by a useful souvenir in form of a Magnum knife that says Toledo on it. We then went to a shop that sold marzipan (not a huge fan), meat, and cheese. After talking with the owner about Spanish Ham for a while, he gave us about six different samples of sausage to try. Unreal. I bought a large link of wild deer sausage, that I will cut and eat with my new knife. The deer are hunted in the Mountains of Toledo, and packaged by a local sausage man. Love it. Back to pigs for a second: Spanish pigs are fed acorns before they are slaughtered, which is why they taste like heaven. It´s very possible that I will bring back a leg to share with my family. I don´t know if it will go through customs, but it´s worth a try (or a google search).

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