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Friday, March 4, 2011

Training Update

I haven´t run for a right calf is angry at me. Swimming has been decent, and fencing is a ball.

I´m now officially not allowed to use my swim snorkel at the pool, for fear of bumping into other people with the hard object that is on my face (fins and paddles aren´t allowed either). It is a nice part of my warmup, useful when I´m doing balance drill things, and just working on technique in general, but I´ll get over it.

Whenever I´m debating whether I should swim or not, if I´m feeling dead etc., I´ve decided that the answer is always yes. Sometimes, when I´m just warming up, cooling down, or doing easy sets, I figure out really important things in regard to my stroke.

I´ve been trying for a while to consistently have really, really good turns involving good acceleration into the wall, super tight streamline off of it and aimed down a bit, and 4-5 good dolphin kicks followed by a good transition into my free kick. If instead of pushing off diagonally (in between on my back and on my side), I push of completely facing my left, it´s a lot easier to get those good DKs in and surface really fluidly. This is probably obvious to some, but since I don´t have a coach, I have to figure out everything by myself.

Also, for a while when my hands entered the water, I would let them drag a bit underwater on the way forward, apparently just so I could feel the water more.
My calf scolds me when I kick, so I pull. A lot. The whole debate between completely resting vs. trying to train through something is very difficult,.

Fencing is going really well. I´ve been taking lessons at Sala de Armas, and beating people who I wasn´t beating two weeks ago. I also can´t decide which blades like better. BF vs. Veniti (sp?).

On Sunday, I did Circuit 1. Circuit 1 is painful. If anyone can complete all of the stations without failure in the pushup category or form breaks in the abs, I will buy them a very nice dinner. It´s killer, and awesome for pain tolerance. This is what happens when I write circuits when I feel entirely too good:

All out, CCXC style:

Set 1

40 Pushups
1 min russian twists
43 seconds suitcases.
1 min chair dips.
43 seconds 2 inch crunches
20 bear pushups
1 min bicycles
43 seconds russian twists & suitcases simultaneously.
1 min plank with ab contractions
43 seconds diamond pushups
30 second side plank right with dips
30 second side plank left with dips
43 seconds sky crunches

1 min break

Set 2

30 sec right figure 4
30 sec left
43 second suitcases
20 diamonds, 10 wides
1 min sky crunches
14 spiderman pushups
43 seconds Bicycles
30 second side crunches
30 second other side.
43 seconds pushups
25 Dips
1 min russian twists
43 seconds 2 inch crunches

This summer I´m most likely leasing a horse, keeping him at camp, and taking lessons with Lauren again. This is a good thing. Things are coming together.

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