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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fenced again last night...good stuff. I can't stand the warmup that everyone does though. We do static stretching together at the end as well, so I just fake it. Every time I do static stretching, I end up being considerably more sore than if I don't.

I bought my books today. 40€ in total. Pretty good compared to the books prices in the U.S. They are considerably smaller though.

Translated Powerthirst into Spanish tonight for the kids in my down. It went surprisingly well.

In the western hemisphere, we find eating insects strange, and unappetizing. In the east, it's a different story. I'm interested. How nutritious are they? Do they taste good enough?

I'm reading the first Harry Potter book in Spanish. It's something my generation grew up with, and that we all know to excess. I read the first book in third grade with my dad, and finished the seventh when I was 16, on a kayaking trip in Canada. I remember bringing the book down the rivers in my dry bag. It's quite enjoyable. I also don't really have to look words up, since I know the book so well.

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