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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why tonight was better than last night.

Last night was okay at best. Carlos and his two friends and I went out to dinner at "hollywoord," which is kind of like TGI Fridays, only a lot better. I had a burger with brie, raisins, and raspberry jam on the side...I wanted to try something new, and it ended up being legit. We then took an illegal taxi (unregistered) to a house party which was really nice. Carlos´ friend Tomas threw down with a bunch of people from their university...met some cool guys and girls. After that party, we took the same illegal taxi to a nightclub called HIT, which was honestly awful. We each paid 22 euros to get in (Carlos convinced me it was worth it), but it was full of 17 and 18 year old children. Lots of annoying girls and stupid males trying to fight each other. Kapital is exceedingly better.

Tonight was awesome...I swam for a while, then decided that I was going to find EcoCentro again, except by way of the pool, in the dark, in the rain.

I biked around in the rain for a while, found a map, asked for directions a few times, but finally found it. I actually really loved getting there though (that whole rain concept again). EcoCentro, in addition to being a wonderful natural bread-grain-soap-insense-peanutbutter-book store, is also a vegetarian restaurant/buffet.

I´ve mentioned this before...normal food in Spain isn´t full of the chemicals and fake ingredients that we put in our food in the United´s a step down from U.S. Organic food. Organic food in Spain (comida biologica) is RIDICULOUS. It´s like U.S. Organic food on´s like eating the stuff we grow in our garden, and the cows we raise in our back yard (even though we don´t raise cows in our back yard, and I haven´t eaten Spanish organic beef yet).

So about EcoCentro´s food. You grap a compostable paper bowl (whatup Vermont?), fill it with different types of salad, fruit, vegetables etc. (pasta salad, couscous salad etc. included), weight it, and then eat it. They also have guac sandwiches, which I took full advantage of (hadn´t had avocado since I got to Spain), and vegan chocolate mouse (we like things like this). Hey, so I spent 14€ on dinner, but it was definitely worth it. I´ll be going back at least once a week. It´s pretty close to fencing, and the people there don´t judge you by what you´re wearing on your feet.

Biked back to San Agustin, and talked to Irene and Virginia about the U.S. for a while. They´re awesome...real people.

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