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Thursday, February 17, 2011

PB, J, B, and G.

Peanut Butter, Jelly, Bread (good bread) and Granola are the items that I bought at Ecocentro today. Eco centro is a sweet "biovegetariano" supermarket that is also a restaurant. Basically it´s a little bit closer to city market than anything I´ve found so far, with the exception of the individual bread stores. I couldn´t keep eating white toast and chocolate croissants for breakfast every morning. Don´t get me wrong, chocolate croissants are dope, but I can´t keep up this high GI nonsense. Breakfast tomorrow is going to rock my socks off. The lady at the checkout informed me that a lot of chinese markets sell peanut butter. Why she informed me of such (wouldn´t you want to promote your own store?), I do not know. I´m definitely a fan of Ecocentro, so I´ll keep going back anyway.

So I biked back to C.M. Agustin from fencing with a mesh swim bag full of the items listen above, and didn´t come close to killing anyone save myself. Smooth tile + rain + mountain bike tires luckily didn´t result in me eating it. I´ve been sick since Bilbao, but when I sleep for long periods of time, I end up feeling better. Funny how that works.

I´ve been playing with my summer race/comp/training schedule. It´s looking really nice. If I can get everything in and stay healthy, good things will continue to happen. My fencing is really coming along´s crazy what happens when you incessantly practice the drills you learn in practice in competition, and get good at them. People don´t beat a lot in Epee over here, but they do fleche a good amount. I´m getting a lot better at fleching, and making people look stupid when they fleche at me.

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