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Saturday, February 5, 2011

So instead of going to Portugal this weekend, I stayed in Madrid and trained a good amount. My right foot doesn't feel like it's bruised anymore, which is good. I went for a run this morning after breakfast and some reading/studying, and it felt fine. I also bought more Nutella, jelly, clementines, and bread. Breakfast here consist of toast, chocolate croissants, and chocolate milk. Do I love all of those things? Yes. Are they pretty high GI? Yes. Would I love to find granola somewhere? Yes. Hopefully I can do so this coming week.

Friday night, I did two "days" worth of lift. Frontal area not including a lot of "push" (bench, incl bench, dips etc.) (Block 7, Day 1), and then Block 6, Day 4, which is a bunch of leg stuff:

Side Crunches x4 ways
Medball X-Chop (20 each way)

Saxon Bends 3x20 w/20kg
Dumbell Pullover 3x10 w/23kg in each
Wood Chop High to Low 3x2x10 30 kg
Wood Chop Low to High 3x2x10 25 kg
DB Pushups 3x20
DB Fly 3x20 13 kg
Wide DB Pushups 3x20

Hang Clean 5, 4, 4, 4 w/132
Back Squat 12, 10, 8, 6 w/132
-In order to back squat, I have to pop it up into front squat position, and then pop it over my head again onto my traps. I don't love this, but I'll get over it. I just can't go heavy with this...not that I go too heavy with squats anyway. My knees don't complain about it, but they tell me that they're skeptical of that activity.
DB Reverse Lunge 3x10 w/30kg in each
Bar Step-up 3x10e w/132
Romanian Deadlift 2x14 w/132
Jane Fonda Hip Stability Stuff

Before that, I swam my usual 1000 WU, and then did 10x100m on 2:00. I'm really bad at making myself do a lot in the pool. The mentioned "workout" is pretty pitiful, considering what I've made myself do in the past. If I write it beforehand, I'll do it all, just because I wrote it, but I really need to get on that.

After my run this morning, I are lunch, read/studied more, and then went to the pool again.

Tonight I read more Harry Potter in Spanish, and then finished a song that I started writing 11/9/09 but left alone for a while. It's super random, but I like it.

I was going to go out tonight, but that's not conducive to training. Tomorrow morning I'll go ~5 miles easy on trails at ~8:00 pace, eat, study, eat again, and then go to the pool.

400 WU
4x200 on 3:40
3x100 on 2:00
4x200 on 4:00
6x100 on 2:00
4x4x75 focusing on technique, DK off all of the turns, try to keep the 6 beat kick.
1-4 25 Drill (Single arm R, L, Skulling R, L)
5-8 swim
9-12 25 Drill (fingertip drag, Catch up, Fists, Quick Catch) 50 swim
13-16 25 Drill (Slow arm, Drag focus x 3) 50 Swim
2x4x100 on 2:00
6x50 on 1:00

5200m in total, I believe.

See, I can do sets like this if I write them, but I way too frequently scrub out and simply "go to the pool, just to keep my technique." It's things like this that I NEED to do if I want to get where I want to go.

After the swim:

Side Crunches x4 ways
Figure 4 (20 each side)
Ejs (windshield wipers)
Medball Upright Twists
DB Upright Bends

Saxon Bends x20
Reverse Dumbell Pullover x10
DB Lateral Incline Shoulder Raise x12
Shoulder Shrugs x12
Wide Pullups x8
Wide Supine Row followed by Superman x16, x70
Reverse DB Fly x10

For the shape I'm in right now (25 mpw next week), tomorrow is ~hard. Come may, I want to look back on this and laugh. Peace out. Sleep is indeed conducive to running.

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