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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Last night a bunch of San Agustin kids and I went to an Irish Bar, played some pool etc. Great people. This morning I had class until 1:20: Contemporary Latin American Novel, the Spanish language course that everyone takes, and Spain and the International Economic Organization. All three of them were great. The Econ guy speaks really fast, but I've been hanging with the young people, so my comprehension has gotten a lot better. I dropped Contemporary Spanish Film, and added "Spanish Economy and the EU Facing the Latin American Challenge," which is another Econ class. Now, after taking Money and banking this summer, I'll have an Econ minor. All five of my classes should count for Spanish as well, so I'm knocking off a bunch of requirements while I'm here.

Class ends at 1:20 on T/Th. The bank I needed to go to closes at 2:15, so I biked there hastily, and on the way blew my tube (bike tire). I deposited money in the IES Account for the Granada trip, and found a bike shop. It closes every day at 1:30, and re-opens at 4:30. I wasn't happy about that. Took the metro back, had lunch, studied a bunch, then took the metro back to where I locked my bike (outside the bike store), and get a new tube and tire (the tread was completely worn down). The guy there was really nice, and it only cost me 20€ for the tube and tire. The bike store is right next to the fencing club, so from 8-9 I did my thing there. They're we're nice, and there are lots of good people to fence. It's in an elementary/middle school gym (their normal club location is being renovated). After fencing, with my new tire, I ducked and weaved down the sidewalk, almost got hit by a car, but made it back to Moncloa in less time than I should have. People driving have literally no regard to pedestrians, HOWEVER, I figured out that people DO move out of the middle of the sidewalk (they should at least move to one side) if you just ride straight at them and make eye contact.

It turns out that I have to be 21 to rent a car in Lisbon. Pissed? Yep. It let me rent it online with "20" in the age box, but apparently they won't let me pick it up, so no windsurfing this weekend.

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