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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things that I don´t like about Madrid.

I my opinion, Madrid is very superficial. There are a lot of fake people here. People judge you hardcore on what you´re wearing both on your feet, and on the rest of your body. It´s honestly ridiculous...the nicer the shoe I´m wearing, the more likely people are to talk to me. Going barefoot is out of the question, even just around the residence hall. If I were to do so, literally every single person would stop me and either ask "why are you barefoot?" or tell me to put shoes on. At UVM, I don´t even get one cares, and I love it. All of that being said, the people in San Agustin are very nice (at least when I´m wearing topsiders and a polo).

Laundry is done for us here, and they wash all of the clothes in hot water, which is super green. Everyone drops their clothes off in random plastic bags on friday, and gets them back in *different* *plastic* bags on monday. I drop my laundry off in my mesh bag, and bring it back to my room (room is 30 seconds from the laundry room) stacked in one hand, not in a plastic bag. Yesterday, three people stopped me and said "you should use a plastic bag." I told them that there was no plausible reason for me using a bag. I put my laundry back in my room, and returned to explain to them that plastic is made from oil, is horrible for the environment etc. FOREIGN concept to girl didn´t even know where plastic came from. They tried to tell me that the laundry ladies recycle them, but that´s BS. They don´t recycle anything here in the dorms.

So in Madrid, people like to conserve water and electricity, and drive fuel-efficient cars, but only because it saves money...they don´t give a damn about the planet. The lack of recycling here is driving me nuts. I never buy plastic bottles anyway, but when I see people throw them into the trash can without an alternative, it´s not pleasing.

I LOVERMONT. Nuff said.

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